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Run your martial arts school on-the-go!

Are you a martial arts school owner struggling to run your business effectively? Do you want to focus on progress of your students and help them achieve their goals? Nextbelt is a mobile solution right for you!

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Why nextbelt is exactly what you need.

In today's internet-driven world, the success of your martial arts business depends on mobility. A majority of martial arts school owners are not using such powerful tools like mobile gadgets and applications. But you are not one of them, hah?

Yeah, yeah, there are a lot of products out there. The more time you spend searching, the more overwhelmed you're likely to feel by expensive packages. But what about truly essential and useful features for a fair price and all of that on-the-go?

The nextbelt is all about making you more efficient, saving you time, and let you focus on progress of your students and their goals.

Take a closer look at the nextbelt and transform your martial arts school for the better.

Adjustments on-the-go.

Let us help you take your business with you where-ever you go.

It is very simple to check attendance, edit student's profiles, add new martial arts classes, or re-scheduling.

Save your time with the ability to make last minute changes on-the-go.

Bring your class report right to the mat!

Dynamic, up-to-date, and logical data right at your fingertips.

  • Evaluate what area of your school needs improvement
  • Know which martial arts class is the most popular
  • Track how many students you generated
  • Compare data from your current period to the previous


School Management

  • Analyse your classes retention rate and quality
  • Track and measure your school
  • Know what class of your school is the most popular

Rank Management

  • Select your ranking system
  • Specify rank for your students
  • See how far or close your students are to their next belt

Student Readiness

  • Levels of readiness: not ready, almost ready, and ready
  • See how close students to being ready for testing
  • Promote students who are ready for a new rank

Retain students

  • Be informed about low rated students
  • Prevent cancellations
  • Turn lazy-bones into students again

Events management

  • Create, edit and manage your events
  • Set grading dates for your students
  • Share your events via social networks

Students Management

  • Create and manage new or existing students
  • Check students rating, history and progress
  • Reward students with good attendance ratings

Class Attendance

  • Check-in on the go
  • Analyse your classes retention and performance
  • Retain more students with attendance and class reports

Promote students

  • Promote with a click of a button
  • Students rank will automatically change to next one
  • Promote students based on good attendance


  • Set up days and time for classes
  • Make adjustments and manage your schedule on the go
  • Avoid overlapping and schedule conflicts

Notifications & sharing

  • Send personalized invitations and messages
  • Notify students about changes and upcoming events
  • Promote your classes using social media sharing options


How much does it cost?

There is no membership, monthly fees or expensive packages, only a fixed promotion price of $4.99. How does it sound?

What device I can use this app on?

It will be available for iPhone and iPad only, but we are going to release it and for Android gadgets very soon.

Are you going to add new features?

We aimed to add new features every three months and most important they will be FREE to all users. You can recommend us a new feature sending a message to

Do I need to register to use this app?

Yes, you do. You need to enter your name, e-mail and country to use our app, but don't worry we would not share your details with any third parties. This simple registration process is for backing up your data and to help you access it anytime and anywhere.